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Triangle Tiny House In Tokyo

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Tiny houses can come in all shapes and sizes.  We recently came across this unique tiny house that was built in the shape of a triangle.  The lot, located on a river in Suginami-ku, Tokyo  was considered prime real estate.  So even though this house is tiny, it is considered an excellent location and very valuable.

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This Japanese house was designed by architects at the well known Mizuishi Architects Atelier.  It is 594 square feet and fits a family of three very comfortably, as there is plenty of space for the family to spread out and play.

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The ceiling are loft-style vaulted in a steeple shape which make the home feel much larger than you would think. On the second level, the lofted ceilings make for a great children’s playroom, home office or guest bedroom.

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In order to keep the layout open and spacious the beds are left out in the open like a studio.  The architects were also very conscious about the awkward acute angles and used tactics such as bump-outs, skylights and double-height spaces to make them feel less harsh.

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Building this tiny house was no easy task.  It was very difficult to get the proper building codes for such a unique house, but once they were obtained this house went up very quickly.


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