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Tiny House Boat on the Gatineau River

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This tiny house lives on the water, and is one of the coolest tiny house boats we have ever seen.  It is currently docked on the shore of the Gatineau River, in western Quebec, Canada.  When Bonnie, the owner, is not living in “The River Den (or La Tanniere)” she rents it out on AirBnB so that others can experience the incredible tiny house boat life that she has come to treasure.

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The boat is made out of 5 pontoons and was designed by Bonnie and her friend Denis Tremblay who is a professional boat builder. Denis and some friends build the tiny houseboat by hand creating custom windows, cabinets, the aluminum frame and the grill floor in the sleeping loft.  It can get cold in the winter, but the boat is built as a 4-season house so it is fully insulated and has a wood burning fireplace to keep the place warm in the winter.  The houseboat has all the modern conveniences that you need, including a kitchen, toilet, dining room, living room, sleeping loft, back patio, and roof deck.  The toilet is a Separett composting toilet and the power comes from a deep cycle marine battery which powers the lights, bilge pump and navigation lights.  The one thing that it’s currently lacking is a refrigerator.  Currently bonnie uses a cooler with ice on the back patio, but she is considering putting in solar panels to general electricity to run the fridge.  

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Not only is it a functional tiny house, but also it is a functional boat.  The boat can be taken out for a ride whenever you want!  It has a gas motor and runs super smoothly.  Or if Bonnie ever wants to relocate, “The River Den” has been built to size so that it can be transported on the road as well.  

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If you are interested in renting out “The River Den” on AirBnB, check it out here.  And if you want to learn more about Bonnie and her boat, check out this video.  

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