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Six Unique Tiny Houses Built From Eco-friendly Materials

    Six Unique Tiny Houses Built From Eco-friendly Materials

By: Lydia Noyes

There’s no denying that tiny homes can be beautiful, and homes built from eco-friendly materials are especially ascetically pleasing. Whether they are made from earth, recycled building materials or even Civil War-era wood, eco-friendly tiny homes allow for artistic expression on a diminutive scale.

These six tiny homes are gorgeous to look at and might just inspire you to start your own environmentally sustainable housing “downgrade”.


1.Off Grid Cabin that Sleeps Six

This 400 square foot tiny home was built by LaMar for just $2,000. If you’re inspired, then be sure to check out the multiple e-books all about homesteading and off grid building he has written.

An energy self-sufficient building, this cabin is powered by a 580-watt solar system and a 400 watt wind power system. Amenities include sleeping space for six people (yes, really!), both a rainwater catchment system and gray water system, compost toilet, and a propane heated shower.


larmar alexander
(La Mar Alexander)


2. Gypsy Junker Micro Cabin

A popular designer of custom tiny homes, it seems that Deek has saved some of his best work for himself! Called the “Gypsy Junker Micro Cabin”, this home was created entirely out of reclaimed materials that Deek slowly gathered over time. Within the tiny 32 square foot cabin is a bed that can turn into a desk, three windows decorated with colored wine bottles, and a Dutch door made from kitchen cabinets. In all, this home cost Deek less than $1,200 to build.  

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
(Deek Diedricksen)


3. Whimsical Forest Trailer

For just $8,000, Rachel Ross has built the micro home of her dreams. Inspired by fairy tale dwellings, Rachel uses her tiny home as a retreat space to focus on her writing career. In a space this lovely, we can assume she finds plenty of inspiration.

rachel ross (1)
(Rachel Ross)


4. Civil War Era Wood Microhome

When it came to building her micro home in Asheville, North Carolina, Natalie Pollard kept her thinking local. At just 256 square feet, her home is a legacy for the region because it was built using lumber from a local mill as well as reclaimed materials from a Civil-War era cabin that was found nearby.

natalie pollard
(Natalie Pollard)


5. Cozy 70 Square Foot Cob Home

Having made a career out of building eco-friendly tiny homes, Conrad Rogue has turned his attention towards earthen structures called cob homes. Building from clay, sand and straw may sound restrictive, but it can make for some incredibly functional designs. This 70 square foot building is Conrad’s current home.

Conrad Rogue
(Conrad Rogue)

6. Tropical Thailand Micro Home

After moving to Thailand, Steve Areen began the construction process of his $9,000 dream home. From the looks of it, it was money well spent, as his home includes a hammock space, personal pond, and beautifully simple furnishings made from all-natural building materials.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.26.46 PM
(Steve Areen)
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