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Celeb Roadies: See How These Celebs Live Tiny While On The Road

Celeb Roadies: See How These Celebs Live Tiny While On The Road


Did you grow up watching MTV cribs and love touring celebrity houses?  Well when those celebrities have to hit the road, do you think they just cruise around in any old bus?  If so, you better think again – celebrities travel in style.  Think uber-luxe tour buses, which are most likely bigger than your apartment! These star-studded busses feature top of the line appliances, king size beds, and you guessed it, HOT TUBS.

Take for example All of Me artist John Legend.  When he goes on tour, he obviously travels in style.  His sleek and modern tour bus gets him from show to show in luxury. This bus features leather couches, granite counter tops and all the modern conveniences one might need.  The front of the bus is where John, Crissy, baby Luna and friends hang out.  It expands to become a living room that can comfortably seat 7-8 people.  John has his own recliner chair that doubles as a desktop where he can do work and write amazing new songs for us to swoon over.  The bus is tricked out with a digital entertainment system controlled by an iPad.  And we all know that John loves to cook, so naturally his tour bus is equipped with a full size kitchen where he and Chrissy can cook up some late night mac n’ cheese post show.  His master bed and bath are so luxurious you’d think you were in a 5 star hotel.

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And let’s talk about Brad Pitt’s on set trailer (no comment on the current #brangelina situation).  When Mr. Pitt is on set, he find solace in his lux trailer which is 48 ft long and has everything you’d find in a modern MTV crib.  There is a living room with 4 extra large pull outs, a state of the art kitchen, a private master bedroom, and every high end amenity you can think of.  The kitchen has a stovetop, full fridge and dishwasher- did you really think Brad Pitt hand washes his dishes?  The master bedroom and master bath are fit for a king.  And there is enough room for his full hair and makeup crew to set up shop on the days he’s filming.  


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Ok so maybe these celebrities don’t exactly live “tiny” when they are on the road, none the less, we appreciate the tiny lifestyle of life on the road.  Want to find out more about your favorite celebrities abodes on the roads?  Check them out here at HGTV “Celebrity Motor Homes.”

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