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Secret Abandoned Government Facility Deep In The Woods

Secret Abandoned Government Facility Deep In The Woods


I personally don’t think I have the balls to go into an abandoned house, building or government facility. Props to josh from exploring with josh for doing this. This government facility is hidden deep in the woods. It was opened up in 1990 and closed it’s doors and left all of it’s contents in 2014! I have no idea why they would leave files, radios, electrical equipment and leave the building to go into disrepair.

You have to navigate across a metal bridge to even get into the building. When Josh and john go across the bridge it kind of reminds me of a scene in the blair witch 2 movie, scary as hell. Once they get in (they don’t show you how but I am sure the door wasn’t left open) they are greeted by an array of old equipment and a lot of paperwork just left in it’s place. One has to wonder why they didn’t take everything when they left the building.

Check out all of the photos and even a video of them exploring this abandoned facility On Page 2

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