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Russian Wooded Retreat into a Tiny Home

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Well, this beautiful tiny home speaks for itself. Decorating your tiny house in nature motifs just brings the connection to a new level. It looks and feels like a slice of home. I can imagine just sitting around the fire with family and friends telling jokes, making s’mores, just living life in the peace and serenity of nature. I look at this and I feel happy and content.  I really love the railing and how many different ways you can bring growth into your tiny home.You could start a herb garden or even just a few annual flowers to eventually plant outside to add value. As you go inside the cabin you are met with beautiful floral arrangements and creative art designs. An oasis in the middle of your forest. Decorating in any style to bring any landscape into your cabin life. Rain forest design to give a fuller and livelier atmosphere. Make your dining area a desert to feel like you need more dessert.

Russian Wooded Retreat into a Tiny Home

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