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Rollin Cabins In Canada

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The tiny house movement is making its way to Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland.  A company called Rollin Cabins, founded by Sean Mercer, is dedicated to building tiny houses that are portable, beautiful and comfortable.

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So far Mercer has created a few different models.  The first one is a 2-level design that’s 8.5 by 24 feet, which may seem small, but packs a big punch.  It has a kitchen, sitting area, bathroom and sleeping loft that can comfortably sleep two.  It’s equipped with a 160 watt solar system for complete off the grid living.  Each has a propane heater, a standing shower, toilet and sink in the bathroom, and can be powered by a 12-volt DC system.

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Mercer’s tiny houses can be used as  a cabin, an RV unit, or even a guest home for visitors so it is a very versatile investment.  Each unit can be built in about 8 weeks and the prices vary based on the customizations.  The base price starts at $65,000, and can go up from there based on finishes.  Right now, Mercer has been contacted with lots of interest and is willing to work with customers to make their tiny house a custom reality.

Check out the video here!

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