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Holy Ship! This Shipping Container Home Has A Very Religious Shape!

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So this shipping container house hasn’t actually been constructed yet, but we stumbled upon it and fell in love with the novelty.  Here you can see the plans for the construction of a cross-shaped shipping container home.  The Georgia-based architect Dachi Papuashvili, who has won numerous architecture awards, has created plans for  a 4-floor structure called “The Skit.”

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In the plans we can see that there are 4 floors.  Three of the floors are each 4 square meters and the final floor is 12 square meters.  The home is the perfect size for studio living – for just one person, but could fit 2 people as a weekend/getaway home.

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The shipping containers will be covered in wood.  The cross shape will be made with one of the shipping containers standing vertically and the other going through it perpendicularly.  The goal is to make it sustainable with solar panels on the roof so that the home can be energy independent. The structure will be able to be assembled off-site so that the construction will not cause any harm to the environment around it.  Also, the plans call for a rainwater collection system and bio-toilets and showers.


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