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Holy Ship! These Houses Are Made Of Clever Materials!

Holy Ship! These Houses Are Made Of Clever Materials!

Blue Container Home
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You’ve seen them on boats crossing oceans. Oh, and remember on Silicon Valley when Jared get stuck on one when his self-driving car somehow directed him to a private island via the pacific ocean.  But can you imagine living in one?  That’s right, can you imagine living in a shipping container!?

Shipping dwellers are the type of people that like to think outside the box…errr outside the container. 

Can’t imagine what this even looks like?  Check out this amazingly modern shipping container home, built by toy designer Debbie Glassberg in Kansas City, Missouri.  This container home is made of 5 shipping containers each 19.5 feet by 7.8 feet.  The first floor is made of 3 containers and uses the spaces in between for additional living space. The second floor has two bedrooms, a balcony and roof garden and is made by stacking two containers on top of the ground floor unit. This house is both durable and waterproof and according to Debbie’s son, having built the home, has made her a “cool mom.”

Container Home Inside
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This shipping container home lives on the Seacoast of Maine.  Matthew and Anne Adriance wanted to build a summer vacation home for their family that was modern, practical and would be effortless to maintain.  And that they did – their 4,000 sq ft home sits on a 10 acre plot of land.  It is made up of 12 shipping containers – 6 on the ground floor and 6 on the second floor. The first floor has a beautiful modern kitchen that can seat more than 15 people.  The containers were kept in tact to create rooms with individual space.  The house has 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, a walk in closet, a library, an office, and a huge family room.  The teak staircase along with the cement floor make this place feel comfortable yet practical.  And as if this house doesn’t stand out from the rest of the traditional New England style green shuttered white houses in the neighborhood, the outside is painted orange!  Mission accomplished for the Adriances who say that this home embodies their personality and “challenges the status quo to open people’s hearts and minds.”

So, are you sold on building yourself a container home?  If not – take a look at these other amazing homes – and just think of the home that awaits you once it’s taken it’s final voyage across the ocean.

Container Home outside
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Deco Shipping Container Home
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