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Guess What You Can See In This Treehouse?!

Guess What You Can See In This Tree House:

Your Reflection!

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This is is no ordinary tree house.  It sits nested atop the trees near the Arctic Circle outside a small village called Harads in the far north of Sweden.  This house was built wrapped around the tree trunk and almost blends in with the trees around it making it seem one with nature.  It is made out of a lightweight aluminum and wrapped in a mirrored glass which has a transparent ultraviolet color laminated into the glass so that birds can see it and avoid any potential accidents.  This stunning treehouse was designed by Tham & Videgard Arkitekter, a Swedish architecture office.  

The inside of the house is made of plywood and boasts 360 degree views.  There is a living room, bedroom, bathroom and and roof terrace.  Dwellers can access the house via a rope bridge that connects to the next tree house.  The house can comfortably sleep two  – imagine waking up with the birds chirping next to you on the roof terrace of your mirrored treehouse!


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TrŠdhotellet Harads 2010/09


TrŠdhotellet Harads 2010/09


TrŠdhotellet Harads 2010/09


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