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27 Awesome Small Space Savers for Your Home
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Trying to live in a space that is much smaller than what you are used to is a big challenge. It can take a while to move in and throw out clutter that our big homes can accumulate. We need to hold on to our treasures and eliminate the day to day waste that enters our houses and needs to leave but has a tendency to stick around. Somethings I do to keep the mess down is putting a clothes organizer under the bed, storing seasonal clothes for later and have what I need readily. Install a couple of sliding walls for privacy, doors that swing can take up needed space, so sliding doors are a good switch from cozy and private to open and welcoming. Reorganizing your pantry is a must, by putting in partitions and break away shelves you can increase your pantry size without having to build a bigger one.

27 Awesome Small Space Savers for Your Home

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