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2 Story Tiny House / $7,000 – Mortgage Free

2 Story Tiny House / $7,000 – Mortgage Free

2 Story Tiny House / $7,000 - Mortgage Free
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This is the perfect way to own a small home cheap and mortgage free. You could pay cash for this and finish the inside over time. No point in being in debt for 30 years just to have a place to call home.

A 2 story tiny home that can be built off grid. Excellent business idea also for those who know construction. You can build these for cheap and sell these as side work. Cheap, spacious and affordable living.

I would love to buy this and on the weekends and holidays make this into a weekend getaway. This is a really well designed tiny house. I love the stairs and I love the windows. I personally would go ahead and have them put in a single door and do away with the double doors.

Check out the video of one of these tiny homes below:

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