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182 Square Foot Storage Unit Turned Into An 8 Room Apartment

182 Square Foot Storage Unit Turned Into An 8 Room Apartment 

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182 square ft. is the size of an office or a storage unit.  And that’s exactly what this tiny living space originally was- a subterranean storage unit in the basement of a century-old co-op in Seattle.  It’s crazy how the imagination can be so incredibly creative and curious, and that’s exactly what a man by the name of Steve Sauer was back around 2003 when he started this project.  He was originally just looking for a place to keep his stuff – mainly his bicycles, when he found this gem and began to dream about what it could be.  

Mr. Sauer has created one of the coolest, most compact living spaces we have ever seen.  He calls it the “Pico Dwelling” a name derived from pico which means 1 to the negative 12 or 1/trillionth!  But don’t let that name fool you, he has managed to stack in 8 separate spaces to make the place feel comfortable and homey.

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There are 8 different spaces, including a cafe area which has a beautiful Earnes chair, a video lounge which holds a 37 in tv, a bed(room), a lofted office, a walk in closet, a kitchen/dining room a bathroom and even a guest bed(room)!

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The dining area has a dining room table that folds down from a chain on the ceiling and can comfortably seat 6 people – although he has hosted parties of more than 17 guests! One of the coolest features of the place is a Japanese-style soaking tub that is hidden below a one inch piece of plexiglass in the entry way.  The tub can fit 2 people in it!  

This project was not the work of a novice.  Although Sauer has never done a project like this, his background is in design with an expertise as a designer of airplane interiors.  You could say he knows a thing or two about working in tiny spaces.   His goal was not just to see if he could fit it all in the small space, but to make everything high quality and challenged himself to find all the right parts and pieces to build the space himself and save himself some money along the way.  It took over 7 years to build and an additional 2 years time to get the permits in order to actually move in.  He spent countless hours researching and finding the perfect materials to fit each customly designed and executed part of the space.  He claims to have repurposed a lot of materials from IKEA.  For example, he used some shelving wood from IKEA to create the kitchen drawers.  One of the most unique hacks is the former-table-top-glass-turned-translucent-bathroom-ceiling he created for the guest bed.  He literally took the glass top of a table from IKEA and transformed it into the ceiling of the bathroom that also serves as the base of the guest bed.  You kind of have to see this one to believe it because it creates a really cool lighting effect in the room.   Another notable customization is his soap/shampoo shelving in the shower which he made out of stainless steel kitchen containers fitted into a laser-cut panel.  These are just a few of the many creative engineering feats of Sauer.

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All in all, this space is actually unbelievable.  Sauer is truly a creative mastermind and we are crazy impressed by his vision and execution of this tiny space! For more info you can check out the links below:

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