Try Out These Harvard Grad Built Tiny House Getaways

Not sure you are ready to go full on tiny house lifestyle, but want to try it out for a weekend?  Here is a great opportunity! A new company/concept called Getaway was recently started by future Mark Zuckerbergs- a group of grad students at Harvard’s Innovation Lab.  The idea is that …

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Tiny House Boat on the Gatineau River


This tiny house lives on the water, and is one of the coolest tiny house boats we have ever seen.  It is currently docked on the shore of the Gatineau River, in western Quebec, Canada.  When Bonnie, the owner, is not living in “The River Den (or La Tanniere)” she …

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4 Awesome Ways To Loft Your Bed In Small Spaces

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Living and sleeping in a small space requires thoughtful planning and organization.  One of the main things to plan out is where you will place your bed.  A bed can often take up a large portion of livable space, so lofting is a great idea to consider. Lofting your bed …

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You Deserve A Cozy Cabin Retreat!


  Thinking about taking a vacation this fall?  If so, you should consider heading out of town and renting a nice, cozy cabin in the woods.  Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or something a bit longer, a cabin in the woods is a perfect place for you …

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Top Strategies for Living Well in a Small Space


Top Strategies for Living Well in a Small Space By: Lydia Noyes   It’s a sad reality that the average American spends almost half her income paying for the walls and roof surrounding her. While housing costs continue to rise, Americans have been steadily increasing the size of their homes, from …

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182 Square Foot Storage Unit Turned Into An 8 Room Apartment


182 Square Foot Storage Unit Turned Into An 8 Room Apartment    182 square ft. is the size of an office or a storage unit.  And that’s exactly what this tiny living space originally was- a subterranean storage unit in the basement of a century-old co-op in Seattle.  It’s crazy …

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Guess What You Can See In This Treehouse?!


Guess What You Can See In This Tree House: Your Reflection!   This is is no ordinary tree house.  It sits nested atop the trees near the Arctic Circle outside a small village called Harads in the far north of Sweden.  This house was built wrapped around the tree trunk and almost …

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